[visit-users] Clean kill on LC machines?

Miller, Mark C. miller86 at llnl.gov
Wed Jul 29 18:31:02 EDT 2015

Hi Niel,

I could lend some thoughts writing a shell script that could do it if you might know how to 'find' all your VisIt jobs?

Do you know of any query that will return information on all your jobs, lc-wide?


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I am having a lot of hangs right now, so it seems like this would be a
good time to ask: is there a clean way to kill visit on the LC machines?
It seems like killing the "viewer" process will kill everything you can
see, but that typically leaves associated moab jobs in, e.g., pdebug.  Of
course, these can be "scancel"ed, just trying to make my life easier . . .

Neil Hodge, Ph.D.
Methods Development Group
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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