[visit-users] in-situ connection fails with Darwin pre-compiled distribution

Favre Jean jfavre at cscs.ch
Wed Jul 29 11:05:18 EDT 2015

Thanks for the answer Brad

I can now connect and run my simulation, in *serial* mode

I simply had to set

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/lib

running in parallel fails, not because it cannot dlopen() the libsimV2runtime_par.dylib, but because all tasks cannot connect to the viewer. My trace files all confirm that libsimV2runtime_par.dylib is loaded, everything proceeds, and then all tasks fail with:

visit_connectviewer failed.

Recall that it complains about Mesa not being there, but it goes ahead nonetheless as you had hinted.
So what else do I need to specify the rendering environment? (this is a candid question. recall that I am not a Mac user, so I am starting from zero here.)

Thanks for any hint.

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