[visit-users] Banding issue in VisIt - again

Miller, Mark C. miller86 at llnl.gov
Mon Jul 27 13:23:31 EDT 2015

Did you update the version of VisIt you are using?

My recollection is that this was due to float arithmetic being used in the scatter plot.

We switched to double there and released that in 2.9.1. hxxps://wci.llnl.gov/simulation/computer-codes/visit/releases/release-notes-2.9.1

I can plot this data fine on our trunk. See attached.


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Date: Monday, July 27, 2015 4:46 AM
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Subject: [visit-users] Banding issue in VisIt - again

Some time ago I reported banding issue on scatter plots. The problem
seemed to be solved but... Our team encountered again same problem. The
sample data is attached in this message (hdf5). Please do the scatter
plot "dt" vs "p". Seems ok  ? Right it is. Now please unselect the
normalize option in appearance tab - rescale and... Banding again (see
the attached jpg). Any idea how to solve it or what could cause the
problem (looks same as previos, sorted, problem).

Dr. Piotr Traczykowski
Department of Physics
University of Strathclyde
107 Rottenrow East
Glasgow, G4 0NG

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