[visit-users] Adding parallel launch method to VisIt

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Mon Jul 27 12:58:50 EDT 2015

I think you also need to modify the python script in 'bin' , frontendlauncher.py to accomodate the new launch method.

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Date: Sunday, July 26, 2015 7:34 PM
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Subject: [visit-users] Adding parallel launch method to VisIt

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I'm trying to set up a new host profile for our vis cluster and running into an issue.  We're running SLURM and need to use a combination of sbatch/srun.  Unfortunately this option isn't available in the parallel launch method.

What's the best way to go about adding this?  Looking at the source code, do I just need to add the option


to gui/QvisHostProfileWindow.C and recompile?

Thanks for the help.

Brian Skjerven

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