[visit-users] in-situ connection fails with Darwin pre-compiled distribution

Brad Whitlock bjw at ilight.com
Fri Jul 24 13:19:50 EDT 2015

Hi Jean,
    I don't think the Mac version of VisIt gets built with Mesa support. At
least, I don't do that. When I load a sim, I also get the messages about
failing to load OSMesa, which is code that should probably not be called on

    Attempting to preload osmesa as libGL -- calling dlopen()
    dlopen error: dlopen(, 9): no suitable image found.  Did find:
    /usr/local/lib/: not a file
    /usr/lib/: not a file
    failed to preload osmesa from VISIT_MESA_LIB:
    Calling dlopen(libsimV2runtime_ser.dylib)
    Failed to open the VisIt library: dlopen(libsimV2runtime_ser.dylib, 9):
image not found

It looks like the OSMesa loading code gets called because we detect that
the VISIT_MESA_LIB environment variable in the printout generated by the
internal "visit -env" call. I think internallauncher just prints that
variable whether or not it is set or applies to Mac. I think this is
harmless. After failing to load the Mesa library, my Mac (albeit 10.8.2)
goes on to load the rest of the Libsim control functions:

    Calling getenv(DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH)
    getenv returned:
    visit_get_runtime_function handle=0x7f97b2404ec0, name=simv2_get_engine
    visit_get_runtime_function func=0x106247da0
    visit_get_runtime_function handle=0x7f97b2404ec0,
    visit_get_runtime_function func=0x106249c60
    visit_get_runtime_function handle=0x7f97b2404ec0,
    visit_get_runtime_function func=0x106249810
    visit_get_runtime_function handle=0x7f97b2404ec0, name=simv2_initialize
    visit_get_runtime_function func=0x106249f90
    visit_get_runtime_function handle=0x7f97b2404ec0,
    visit_get_runtime_function func=0x106249ca0

I do tend to just run from a development build where all of the VisIt
libraries and the Libsim runtime libraries are all co-located in the
"/path/to/build/lib" directory. I make my sim use those via the
VisItSetDirectory("/path/to/build") call.

Does your version fail to load the control functions? Those are the
important part.


On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 10:02 AM, Favre Jean <jfavre at cscs.ch> wrote:

> Hello folks
> I have instrumented a code for in-situ. Works fine on my Linux laptop,
> work fine on the Cray.
> I can't make it work on a colleague's laptop (Mac OS 10.10) . We installed
> the following
> hxxp://portal.nersc.gov/project/visit/releases/2.9.2/VisIt-2.9.2.dmg
> compiled and linked with it...
> Connecting fails and the  Tracing complains that it cannot find the the
> osmesa lib. Indeed, VISIT_MESA_LIB is empty. Should it be empty? Well, I
> cannot find any osmesa related libs in that distribution package. But I am
> not familiar with the Mac environments so don't know what is right or wrong.
> Looking at the download page, I see that one LInux version is compiled
> with osmesa. Noting is said about the dmg file mentioned above...
> Here are some bits from the trace file...
> VisItOpenTraceFile
>     command=visit  -env -engine 2>/dev/null
> Output=DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/lib:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/plots:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/operators:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/databases:/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries
> putenv(DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/lib:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/plots:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/operators:/Users/athena/.visit/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/plugins/databases:/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries)
> VisItInitializeSocketAndDumpSimFile
> LoadVisItLibrary
>     Attempting to preload osmesa as libGL -- calling dlopen()
>     dlopen error: dlopen(, 9): no suitable image found.  Did find:
> /Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.9.2/darwin-x86_64/lib/: not a
> file
>         /usr/local/lib/: not a file
>         /usr/lib/: not a file
>     failed to preload osmesa from VISIT_MESA_LIB:
> Your advice is appreciated.
> Jean
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