[visit-users] Running VisIt remotely with local cluster

Harrison, Cyrus D. harrison37 at llnl.gov
Tue Jul 14 10:01:31 EDT 2015

Hi Chris,
The message “the compute engine running on cluster.cs.cofc.edu has exited abnormally", is a nice way of sharing the fact VisIt's compute engine crashed. 

Does this happen immediately after you try to draw a plot?

It looks like an engine launches, so the crash may not be related to networking.

I suggest enabling debug logs to help try to track down the source of the crash.  

To do this for client/server, 
Open the Host Profiles window
Select the launch profile you are using for your cluster. 
Under “Additional Arguments” add “-debug 5”

(these names may have changed since 2.6.2, I pulled them from VisIt 2.9.2)

The next time you run, VisIt should generated a set of “engine_*.vlog” files in your home directory on the remote system. 
The most verbose will include a “5” in the name. Take a look for anything obvious and feel free to sent it to me to look at. 


On Jul 13, 2015, at 9:44 AM, Fragile, Chris <FragileP at cofc.edu> wrote:

> For years I have been running VisIt successfully on our local cluster, including in client/server mode.  However, after upgrading to new local machines, I can no longer get this to work.  I can still run VisIt purely remotely (running entirely on our cluster with all the windows ported through X11), and I can still run in client/server mode on my old local machines.  The new machines, though, give me the following error message when visualizing data on the cluster (with the port number differing):
> The compute engine running on cluster.cs.cofc.edu has exited abnormally.
> Shortly thereafter, the following occured...
> VisIt could not find a compute engine to use for the plot on host cluster.cs.cofc.edu. VisIt will try to launch a compute engine on that host.
> Shortly thereafter, the following occured...
> Running: engine_ser2.6.2 -dir /usr/local/visit -psn_0_692393 -noloopback -sshtunneling -host localhost -port 12486
> I assume I have missed a step in setting up VisIt on my new machines or missed some setting somewhere to let VisIt communicate between machines, but I don’t know what it is.  Does anyone have an idea to share or know of a way to diagnose this better?  
> My local machines (old & new) are all Macs.  I am running VisIt 2.6.2 because that is the latest version we have installed on our cluster.  To install VisIt on my new local machines I simply downloaded the Mac binary.  VisIt seems to work independently on the local machines.  I can generate data locally or copy it from the cluster and visualize it successfully.  I just can’t get the client/server connection to work.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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> Associate Professor
> Department of Physics & Astronomy
> College of Charleston
> fragilep at cofc.edu
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