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Insley, Joseph A. insley at anl.gov
Thu Jul 9 19:16:53 EDT 2015


I have a session file that I created which includes several contours of a very large data set, which is in the silo format.  I created the session file while running in parallel on 60 nodes of our visualization cluster, with 6 processes per node.  When I try to restore this session file, using the same server configuration, it churns on the data for a while and then eventually crashes, saying that it threw an instance of 'std:bad_alloc'.  I'm wondering if there is some obvious cause for it running out of memory?  Or perhaps way to explicitly tell it how to distribute the data across the nodes/processes.  Clearly it didn't run out of memory when I originally loaded the data and created the contours, and generated the session file.  Is there a way to actively monitor the memory usage per node/process from within VisIt?  I didn't check the memory on all 60 nodes, but of the handful of nodes that I did check, via 'top', none of them appeared to be using more than ~12% of memory (total for all 6 procs on the node).  This was true both for when I had the data loaded and all contours generated (which I have done manually several times), and while trying to restore the session file.

Any insight, or advice on things to try, would be much appreciated.

I should note that this is using VisIt 2.9.1.


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