[visit-users] Lineout for cell vertex data

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Hello Kathleen,
Thank you very much! It worked for me.
Regards, Vineet

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Hello Vineet,

Normal mode for lineout simply determines intersected cells along the line, and
then grabs associated ‘cell data’ , or if data is associated with points,
averages the values at cell points.

If your points are equally spaced, ‘Sampling’ mode for Lineout may work better
for you. Specify very precisely the start and end points to match your vertices,
then set # samples to 128 (will divide the line into 128 segments). It should
then determine the value at each of the 129 points along the line.

Perform the Lineout via Query, rather than with the lineout tool:
Controls->Query->Lineout, check the ‘Use sampling’ checkbox.



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I have cell vertex data. And, I want to plot the data along a line. I tried to
use Lineout tool, but it seems that it averages two consecutive data and then
plots it.

Hence, if I have 129x129 points and I want to plot the data along one side, the
lineout tool makes 128 points by averaging.

So, is there any way I can use lineout without such averaging?

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