[visit-users] PLOT3D status

Miller, Mark C. miller86 at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 31 16:02:29 EDT 2014

Hi Rich,

Ok, couple of different developers have looked. Sorry but no quick
solution for you.

This is apparently a long standing issue. Have updated an issue ticket
with new informationŠ



On 7/29/14 9:59 AM, "Jeff Becker" <jeffrey.c.becker at nasa.gov> wrote:

>Hi. I'm trying to load a simple PLOT3D data set into VISIT 2.7.3, and
>it's not even reading the grid size correctly. I was wondering if there
>are any known issues with the PLOT3D reader? The data set is small (2.7
>MB .x, 4.5 MB .q) and I have specified a .vp3d file as specified in the
>VISIT manual. I can provide these if needed. Please advise. Thanks.
>Jeff Becker
>CSC/NASA Ames Research Center
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