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Coon, Ethan ecoon at lanl.gov
Wed Jul 23 14:27:08 EDT 2014


I'm in search of a strategy for making some plots corresponding to the "depth" of a contour in  a 3D domain.

Some context:

  *   I have a 3D mesh used for modeling groundwater — it is a box in x and y, the bottom boundary at z=0, and the top boundary at z = f(x,y) is the surface topography (mountains, valleys, etc).  (Note I do not have the analytic form of f)
  *   I have a field on that domain, and I draw a single contour.  That contour (by nature of the physics) is guaranteed to be a function of x,y as well, say the contour is at g(x,y).  It nearly mirrors the topography, plus a perturbation.
  *   I would like to draw the surface f(x,y) - g(x,y), which is the "depth" of the contour (this perturbation).

Note that I have both the 3D mesh and the 2D manifold top boundary surface mesh (in separate databases).

I'm unsure of how to do something like this.  Ideally I would just use an elevate operator on the contour plot, but this would require somehow mapping the surface mesh's coord(z) into the volume mesh by projecting in the vertical?  Is such a projection possible?

Thanks for any thoughts,


Ethan Coon
Research Scientist
Computational Earth Sciences -- EES-16
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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