[visit-users] Datasets on windows shares

Cory Perry cperry at txcorp.com
Thu Jul 17 14:10:19 EDT 2014

Hey guys,

   Looking at trying to use visit 2.6.3 locally when the datasets are 
located on a remote windows share.  I can open the dataset if I map the 
share to a drive like Z:\, but when I give visit a full windows share 
path (i.e. "\\maxwell\Public\RCS\RCS_E_* database",Vs) it doesn't open.  
This wouldn't be a problem except when users are on enterprise windows 
systems and have Group Policy redirecting e.g. their home directory to a 
remote share, windows auto-resolves the path to this cifs file format.  
Attached are visit logs of this happening on such a system.  If it's not 
already in a later version of visit, are there any plans to support this 
file path syntax on windows ever?  Thanks!

Info on GP folder redirection: 

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