[visit-users] Averaging spatial/temporal data for a profile

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Apologies but I am just not following your inquiry, here.

By "profile", it sounds like you are talking about maybe a 1D curve, maybe something equiv. to a "Lineout" operation. But, you say you are using the "Slice" operator to do it and thats confusing  me. Maybe by "profile" you mean something more like a silhouette, or projection of the 3D shape onto a 2D plan to sorta get its shape and extents from a given point of view.

I think the kind of averaging you need to do is possible but you may have to use either the Python Command Line Interface (CLI), http://www.visitusers.org/index.php?title=VisIt-tutorial-Python-scripting, or Python Filters to do it, http://visitusers.org/index.php?title=Python_Filters.

Best I can offer given what I think I understand about what you are asking.


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Good afternoon,

This may be asking to much of the software – but if anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!

Essentially, I have been using the slice function to produce profiles through a 3D domain. The data, however, is per hour – so I was wondering about the averaging function of ViSIT. I am trying to reduce the influence of small-scale temporal and spatial variability.

Is it possible to produce a profile which shows an average of the variable over multiple time steps.

It would also be perfect if I could then do this over space – so could I select a box, for example, and have the profile average over this distance too?

Many thanks,

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