[visit-users] Making sense of first_time_when_condition_is_true

Blaise A Bourdin bourdin at lsu.edu
Thu Jul 10 12:51:32 EDT 2014


I have a scalar variable psi (a ``phase--field’’ like variable describing a crack propagating in a 2d domain), with values between 0 and 1 and decreasing in time.
I would like to show the field temporal evolution in a single frame by plotting at each vertex, the first time psi<.1
For that, I created the expression psi_hist: first_time_when_condition_is_true(le(psi,.1), u1)

When I do a pseudo color of psi_hist, I get nonsensical results: the bounds do not match the range of value of time and the actual result seems to depend on the previous plot. For instance in the attached plot, the range of values of time is [0,.928], but the pseudocolor plot of psi_hist seems to another scalar variable (the y component of the displacement field)

Does anybody understands what is happening?


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