[visit-users] Local rendering, and how do I know it's using the graphics card? [...]

Brugger, Eric brugger1 at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 10 11:02:15 EDT 2014


Thanks for the feedback. I wouldn't have thought that display lists would make that large a difference running completely locally. I will need to keep that in mind if others encounter similar situations.


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Thanks Eric! "Use display lists" -> "Always" made a big difference.

On Wednesday 09 July 2014 07:18, Brugger, Eric wrote:
> If you are running completely locally you should be using the graphics card.

This appears to be true...

> You can change the rendering options with the "Rendering" window, 
> which can be brought up by going to "Options->Rendering". You would 
> need to go to the "Advanced" tab and change "Use scalable rendering" to "Always"
> to force it to always render in software. If you changed it to "Never"
> then it would always use the graphics card.

As anticipated, this was a huge change for the worse (it also didn't actually render until I stopped whatever motion I was making).

> You could also change the "Use display lists" on the "Basic" tab and 
> see if that makes a difference.

"Use display lists" -> "Always" made a HUGE difference. I'm getting 10-20 FPS now.

> It might be useful to run VisIt with "-debug 5" and look at the 
> viewer.5.vlog file and see what it says about the graphics system.

It didn't have much to say. About the only thing which seemed at all graphics-related was "Forcing GL context initialization...":

Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=2, name=SimulationCommand
Xfer::Process: Opcode=48, len=19, type=SimulationCommandRPC Executing SimulationCommandRPC: INTERNALSYNC
Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=49, name=NonBlockingRPC::CompletionData (from
Xfer::Process: Opcode=42, len=14288, type=SetWinAnnotAttsRPC Executing SetWinAnnotAttsRPC 1018x948 Creating new VisWindow for id=0 Forcing GL context initialization...
Unknown if transparencies exist; recalculating (this requires global communication).
Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=43, name=VisItRPC::RPCReply (from
Xfer::Process: Opcode=64, len=3747, type=ExpressionList
Xfer::Process: Opcode=4, len=211, type=ReadRPC Executing ReadRPC Skipping already loaded database plugin SimV2 version 1.0
NetworkManager::AddDB: Adding velocity to the name stack
Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=5, name=VisItRPC::RPCReply (from ReadRPC)
Xfer::Process: Opcode=11, len=28, type=PreparePlotRPC Executing PreparePlotRPC: Pseudocolor_1.0 Loaded full plot plugin Pseudocolor version 1.0
Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=12, name=VisItRPC::RPCReply (from
Xfer::Process: Opcode=10, len=260, type=MakePlotRPC Executing MakePlotRPC: Pseudocolor_1.0
NetworkManager::MakePlot(): Leaving NetworkManager::MakePlot().
Xfer::Update: Sending: opcode=13, name=MakePlotRPC::NetworkID (from
Xfer::Process: Opcode=26, len=3, type=ExecuteRPC Executing ExecuteRPC with respondWithNullDataObject = 0
PseudocolorPlot: Did not hit target topological dimension: 2 Guide function indicated that we should do the first Update on pipeline 1.
Entered update for avtActualExtentsFilter

> HTH,
> Eric

Thanks again....



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