[visit-users] Local rendering, and how do I know it's using the graphics card? (and other silly questions)

Paul Melis paul.melis at surfsara.nl
Thu Jul 10 03:31:48 EDT 2014

Hi Eric,

On 09-07-14 17:18, Brugger, Eric wrote:
> If you are running completely locally you should be
 > using the graphics card. You can change the rendering
 > options with the "Rendering" window, which can be
 > brought up by going to "Options->Rendering".
 > You would need to go to the "Advanced" tab and
 > change "Use scalable rendering" to "Always" to force
 > it to always render in software. If you changed it to
 > "Never" then it would always use the graphics card.

I happened to be following this thread, a question: the above seems to 
imply that scalable rendering is always rendering in software (i.e. not 
using GPUs). Is that really true? Is there no distributed GPU-based 
rendering in VisIt like ParaView provides?


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