[visit-users] Cumulative Bins?

Allen S. Harvey Jr. darkprime at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 06:41:34 EDT 2014

I compiled 2.8.0 beta, found the histogram option, and found out that will
not do what I want.  The histogram, per its definition, just counts the
number of occurances of a variable within a bin.

What I need is a cumulative (CDF) option for the CURVE plots, which allows
me to plot to variables against eachother, such as radius on the X axis and
mass on the Y axis.  But better than that, it supports a reduction
operator, such as sum instead of count.

My workaround was to show my data in spreadsheet view, then copy and paste
the data into MS Excel to get the cumulative curves I needed.

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> Hi Allen,
> You can use the trunk version of build_visit, with the ?svn-anonymous
> command line and it should checkout & build the trunk version of the code.
> You can find the script here:
> http://portal.nersc.gov/svn/visit/trunk/src/svn_bin/build_visit
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