[visit-users] Plotting questions - changing axes and expressions

Brandt Belson bbelson at princeton.edu
Tue Mar 30 16:23:44 EDT 2010

I have  a few questions I haven't been able to figure out after reading the

First, I'd like to essentially crop a plot. I have a 3D domain that is much
longer in the x-direction than y and z, and I'd like to look at only a
specific range in x. I can use the clip or box operators to remove the
portions of the plot I'm not interested in, but I further want visit to
resize the bounding box to include only the shortened range in x. As it is,
I can't remove the very long domain in x which makes every further operation
more difficult.

I'd also like to do two tasks with expressions. I'd like to compute the
vorticity from the three components of velocity (in a fluid flow). I'm only
interested in the x-component of vorticity, but I do not see a way to take
partial derivatives in only one direction in expressions. Is this possible,
or do I need to use the curl function then look at the x component as a
scalar field? It seems like that would be computationally wasteful.

I'd also like to average a scalar field over the entire z-dimension, leaving
only a 2D plot in x and y.

Thank you
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