[visit-users] queries in the python interface

Brad Whitlock whitlock2 at llnl.gov
Mon Mar 29 14:26:04 EDT 2010

Hi Valmor,
    Try this:

tmp = GetQueryOutputValue()

>How can grab the information from Query("QueryName") into a variable.
>Say, this does not work:
>>>>  tmp = Query("Centroid")
>VisIt: Message - Centroid = (0.00215143, -2.89472, 0.0108211)
>>>>  tmp
>Alternatively if I could get the value of NumNodes from
>Query("NumNodes") that should enable me to loop over the nodes and
>compute the centroid.
>In addition, I would like to query the name of the atom the node is
>associated to. Here the data is a molecule in pdb format.
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