[visit-users] Server startup

Justin luitjens at cs.utah.edu
Thu Apr 23 15:19:40 EDT 2009

Here is what I have figured out.

If I run "ssh hostname somecommand" my .bashrc file is executed.  If I 
run with visit it is not executed.  This makes me think that visit is 
not just running "ssh hostname somecommand" but i'm not sure how to find 
the exact command that is being ran.  If I could find this command and 
run it in the command prompt myself I could probably track this down 
much faster.  When I turned the debug level to 5 the program did not 
produce any more output and I could not find any log files.


Brad Whitlock wrote:
>> If I use the -dir /path/to/visit then visit works but when I go to 
>> launch the engine it cannot find qsub because it is not in a default 
>> path.  Also on this server . is not in the path so putting links in 
>> my home directory is not an option.   What is odd is when i type "ssh 
>> hostname somecommand" .bashrc is sourced.  However, when using visit 
>> it is not sourced.
> VisIt uses a putty-based Qt application on Windows to do the SSH 
> unless you've replaced it by setting the VISITSSH environment variable 
> to some other SSH program. Maybe VisIt's qtssh.exe is involved, though 
> it seems like a remote bash problem to me.
>>  Is there another way visit might be executed?
> Not for Windows. On other platforms, it's possible to say "-norun 
> engine" on the command line and then you are responsible for launching 
> the compute engine yourself.
>> Also is there a way to turn on a verbose mode for a windows client so 
>> I can see what commands it is running?
> You could run with -debug 5 and examine the viewer's debug 5 log to 
> see the command line that it will execute to get the command running 
> on the remote computer.
> Brad

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