[visit-users] clipping two variables on different planes

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Hi Simone,
My guess is that this is a byproduct of the "Apply operators to all plots" button that I mentioned in my last email.  Specifically, that button doesn't just make sure that operators are applied uniformly, it also makes sure that the attributes for these operators are applied uniformly.  So I think maybe you were setting the clip attributes for one operator, and it was applying it to both plots.  Undoing the "Apply operators to all plots" button should fix this.
Based on this email (I should have read both before responding), it sounds like my Reflect idea will not work.  I had assumed that the data was all located at X>0.  It sounds like it is located at X>0 and X<0.  So the Reflect operator wouldn't solve that problem.  If this is the case, then your idea of the Clip operator is a good one, and I think this "Apply operators to all plots" button is the missing piece to make it work.
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Subject: [visit-users] clipping two variables on different planes
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Although the topic might be similar in nature to my posting
"Superimposed 2 images from different files", I write this one
separately since it deals directly with the clipping attribute:

I am trying to clip an image in such a way that, on one side of plane
1 one variable is plotter, and on the other side of the same clipped
plane, there is another variable plotted instead.

I tried to understand it from the user guide, but with no success

thank you in advance
All the best
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