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Meredith, Jeremy S. jsmeredith at ornl.gov
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Sure!  In fact, one of the standard Silo example files sounds very similar (it's called "globe").  If you have an unstructured mesh with these four element types (which are often called tetrahedra, wedges/prisms, pyramids, and hexahedra if you want to look them up in, say, the VTK file format documentation), VisIt should have no problem handling it for just about any of its operations.   The images you attached look like they're disconnected points -- I assume you probably want a surface type of plot -- but either one should be possible.  If it's just a question of how to get this data into VisIt, I'm not sure what file format you use, but Silo and VTK, for example, both support the full set of unstructured cell types.

Jeremy Meredith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Dear Friends,

I would like to visualize a scalar field on a sphere which is discretized using the following 4 different shapes as volume elements: triangular based pyramids, triangular based frustrum, rectangular based pyramid, and rectangular based frustrum. Each volume element is specified by a point set. See the 2 attached figures of the point sets: fig (i) entire volume, fig (ii) surface.

Is there a way to use visIT to visualize a scalar field on this sphere?

Thank you,

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