[visit-users] Keybindings and additional toolboxes

Cihan Altinay bobbyg at altinay.de
Sun Apr 19 00:07:03 EDT 2009

Sorry to intercept your thread but I would like to add a "Set fullscreen
shortcut" to the list.


Fabian Braennstroem wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to make some 'small' feature requests (if it is not already 
> available) :-)
> I am looking for a shortcut to show and hide the menubar. And is there a 
> chance to save the chosen placement and selection of the toolboxes for 
> later use?
> And it would be great, if all those shortcuts work with from every 
> active window. Right now, I have to get the focus to the main visit 
> window.  Especially for the toolbar and for view settings this would be 
> great!
> One other feature, which might be quite nice, is, to open up the 
> corresponding attributes by clicking the icon with the right mouse-button!?
> Adding Icons for existing macros would be quite nice as well :-)
> What do you think?
> Regards!
> Fabian
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