[visit-users] Expression for accessing vectors and tensors components

Meredith, Jeremy S. jsmeredith at ornl.gov
Wed Apr 15 15:44:40 EDT 2009

You should be able to pull out components using the square brackets.  So, for example, if "velocity" is a vector field, then "velocity[0]" is the first (X) component of velocity.   Similarly for tensors, though I believe those are 9-element arrays.

If you're asking about pulling out the value of one cell or point from a mesh variable, that's outside the purview of expressions -- you'd probably want a query, like Pick.

Jeremy Meredith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Subject: [visit-users] Expression for accessing vectors and tensors components


I am trying to write an expression that would access individual elements of a vector and a tensor field. Can someone point me to examples, which do that.

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