[visit-users] BASH issue

Mark Miller miller86 at llnl.gov
Thu Apr 9 13:01:35 EDT 2009

So, you've probably alread fixed via Brad's recommendation but I thought
I would make one additional thing clear...

The reason I ran into this similar issue is that I relied upon system
dot files to define 'common' paths such as /usr/local/bin. My personal
dot files were used only to 'extend' my path beyond what the system dot
files provided. Next, my default dot files (also setup by sys admins)
had logic which resulted in different outcomes on the basis of whether
the login shell was 'interactive' or not. So did the system's dot files.
All this combined to result in very similar behaviors that you are
reporting; e.g. command not found via ssh remote execution and changing
user's dot files having no effect. It took a while to get desired


On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 09:41, Mark Miller wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> This may NOT be related but I encountered similar behavior on systems at
> LLNL not with VisIt but with compilers...
> % ssh yana.llnl.gov
> % which pgcc
> % /usr/local/bin/pgcc
> % ssh yana.llnl.gov -x "which pgcc"
> % pgcc: command not found
> And, I don't use bash. I use tcsh.
> The problem had NOTHING to do with my dot files. The problem was that
> system administrators had decided that the system's dot files would
> behave differently in the two situations. I argued with them that this
> was unnecessary and problematic. Nonetheless, they refused to 'fix' the
> problem.
> Would any of the following work... (I am not sure if they would require
> mods to VisIt)
> alias ssh 'ssh \"/bin/sh\"' # such that when ssh logs into remote, it
> forces use of sh shell to run visit from?
> create an 'ssh_visit' script that does same
> ssh cluster-login1 "/bin/sh" << EOF
> export PATH="/usr/local/bin"
> Mark
> On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 09:09, Rick Angelini wrote:
> > This is not specifically a problem with Visit, but more related to the 
> > user environment.   I have  a customer who is using BASH as their login 
> > shell.    When the user sits on their local workstation and tries to 
> > fire up Visit to a remote cluster,  we keep getting a message that 
> > "visit cannot be found" on the remote connection.   I'm not a bash user 
> > and we don't have many folks around here who use bash, so maybe someone 
> > on the list has an idea on how to get this to work ....
> > 
> > After some debugging, I discovered that bash apparently doesn't execute 
> > the local dot files when invoked from SSH, therefore, there seems to be 
> > no way to set up a local environment.   If the user logs in directly to 
> > the remote node, all of the appropriate dot files are executed, and 
> > visit is in his path.    So, for instance,
> > 
> >  > ssh cluster-login1
> > $ which visit
> > /usr/local/bin/visit       (WORKS!)
> > 
> >  > ssh cluster-login1 which visit
> > visit: command not found  (FAILS!)
> > 
> > Obviously, to make things work the way we want them, we need to be able 
> > to get the second command to work.  Is there some (known) magic to make 
> > this work?      It works just fine with TCSH/CSH, but the user isn't 
> > willing to change shells!    8-)
> > 
> > Thanks
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