[visit-users] Parallel engine quits every 10 or so frames while rendering animation movie

Brad Whitlock whitlock2 at llnl.gov
Wed Apr 8 17:43:59 EDT 2009

You'd need to send debug logs for the paralle engine for us to have 
any hint at what the problem may be. Those would be located on the 
remote computer, probably in your home directory, when you run with 
"-debug 5".

This sounds like an out of memory type of crash but I didn't see any 
obvious leaks in the VTK reader's  code and I'd be very surprised if 
there were any in there by now. This doesn't mean there can't be 
leaks in some other places though.

1. Which version of VisIt?
2. Are you just doing a movie of your entropy variable
3. How is that variable stored in the VTK file? float?
4. How large is your mesh? I'm assuming it's 1 domain since you're 
using VTK. If it's 1 domain, you won't see any parallel benefits.


>Hi All,
>I am wondering what might the problem be.  I am running visit on a 
>local linux machine with compute engine running on the cluster. Both 
>are running the same version of VisIT. However, every 10 frames 
>(some time it runs longer ... some time it runs shorter) or so 
>(about 1 min more or less), I will get this message
>VisIt: Error - The compute engine running on 
><http://artemis.princeton.edu>artemis.princeton.edu has exited 
>VisIt: Error - The Pseudocolor plot of "entropy" for the file 
>database" could not be generated by the compute engine on host 
>There was an error when trying to set the time slider state to 310. 
>VisIt will now try to redraw the plots.
>VisIt: Message - Rendering window 1...
>The wall clock is set to 4 hours (the default setting).  And in the 
>parallel option, I am using qsub/mpirun option. And I am tunneling 
>the data back via ssh.
>Then I have to click on the menu that pops up to restart the compute 
>engine to continue rendering the movie.
>Any help is much appreciated.
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