[visit-users] 2d surface mesh

Meredith, Jeremy S. jsmeredith at ornl.gov
Tue Apr 7 14:19:27 EDT 2009

I think we sort-of are.  I believe we're using the VTK one from a while ago that we made some changes to, but the official one has been updated since then.

Jeremy Meredith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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> Mark Miller wrote:
> > Ok, my take on this and Jeremy's comments is that we've got a very
> old
> > code base for our Exodus reader. I just looked at the reader that is
> > part of the version of VTK is currently deployed with and it appears
> to
> > handle this logic much better. I assume it does other things better
> as
> > well. So, I think we definately need to update VisIt's Exodus plugin
> > with the new Exodus reader code in VTK. I took a quick look at that
> and
> > found I needed to add more header files, too. So, I stopped and will
> > file a ticket.
> What are the chances we could directly use the VTK Exodus reader class?
> -Sean
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