[visit-users] A simple program to test silo file validity.

Brad Whitlock whitlock2 at llnl.gov
Mon Apr 6 12:15:43 EDT 2009

Use the GetMetaData() function to return the metadata.

db = "foo.silo"
metadata = GetMetaData(db)
# Print the metadata to see what's in it
print metadata
# Iterate over the meshes (this pattern is applicable to other object types)
for i in range(metadata.GetNumMeshes()):
     mesh = metadata.GetMeshes(i)
     if mesh.name in ("quadmesh", "matmesh", "surfmesh", "wiremesh"):

>OK, then I would like to write a script that will look for
>"quadmesh" being present as well as "matmesh", surfmesh" and "wiremesh".
>How can I test if those items are present in the Silo file, from a
>Python script ran by VisIt, or how can I ask for the list of available
>meshes or data in a Silo file ?
>Thank you.
>Olivier Cessenat.

Brad Whitlock                   Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
whitlock2 at llnl.gov

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