[visit-users] running visit over X on leopard

Sveta Shasharina sveta at txcorp.com
Fri Apr 3 15:18:06 EDT 2009

Has anybody experience the following problem?

I just upgraded my Mac to Leopard and am trying to run VisIt over X 
(from a linux box).
When I try to plot pseudocolor, it does not appear (only annotations 
show up).

I googled and see that Leopard+X11 have many problems (not opening in 
the dock
and not having the fullscreen option, whatever it means) and tried to 
several versions of X11.  The problem is still there. 

I realize that I can just run VisIt on my Mac, but I need to do testing 
on linux
remotely as well.

Does anybody have any recommendations?


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