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    You can use the Save movie wizard to save out a series of JPEG 
images. If you open the wizard and start going though it, you should 
find that there are a number of image formats. Come to think of it, 
VisIt should be able to save MPEG on Windows since we ship an MPEG 
encoder. The thing is that the encoder we found doesn't always 
produce the greatest results. That's why we recommend that people use 
commercial movie encoding software if they have it.


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>I'm using VISIT on a Windows XP platform to visualize ALE3D. I 
>understand that the movies I make with VISIT can't be saved with a 
>Windows machine, so I would like to save a series of JPEGs.
>I am able to save a JPEG of any given cycle by simply drawing the 
>cycle and saying 'save window.'
>However, I would like to save a jpeg from each cycle (all 236 of 
>them) so I can make a movie. I do not know how to tell it to save a 
>JPEG from each cycle without doing it manually, which would be very 
>long and tedious.
>Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
>-Anthony Dawson
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