[visit-users] VisIt's viewer terminated abnormally

M.A. Latife latife at astro.rug.nl
Wed Apr 1 11:54:02 EDT 2009

Dear All,
I am running visit on cluster using open mpi. I killed visit when it was 
taking long time while viewing file. Now every time i start visit, it 
gives following error.
visit -np 10 -machinefile machinefile.txt
Running: gui1.10.0 -assume_format FLASH -launchengine localhost 
-engineargs ;-np;10;-machinefile;machinefile.txt
Running: viewer1.10.0 -host -assume_format FLASH -engineargs 
;-np;10;-machinefile;machinefile.txt -geometry 865x924+415+50 -borders 
24,5,5,5 -shift 5,25 -preshift 0,-1 -defer -port 5600 -launchengine 
Running: mdserver1.10.0 -host -assume_format FLASH -port 5601
The component that launched VisIt's viewer has terminated abnormally.

If i log out and login again. this problem is gone. Any idea to avoid 
this problem.

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