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Thu Feb 18 17:38:36 EST 2016

Awesome guys! That's a really cool new feature.


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More fruits of the UofU hackathon.

This enables you to draw pseudoclor plots as surfaces (default) AND/OR wireframe AND/OR points.
For wireframe and points rendering, you can specify a color as well.  This is on a plot by plot basis, so it goes beyond what the global setting the in rendering settings provides.  Gui screen shot below.

M       avt/Plotter/avtMapper.C
M       avt/Plotter/avtMapper.h
M       plots/Pseudocolor/Pseudocolor.code
M       plots/Pseudocolor/Pseudocolor.xml
M       plots/Pseudocolor/PseudocolorAttributes.C
M       plots/Pseudocolor/PseudocolorAttributes.h
M       plots/Pseudocolor/PseudocolorAttributes.java
M       plots/Pseudocolor/PyPseudocolorAttributes.C
M       plots/Pseudocolor/PyPseudocolorAttributes.h
M       plots/Pseudocolor/QvisPseudocolorPlotWindow.C
M       plots/Pseudocolor/QvisPseudocolorPlotWindow.h
M       plots/Pseudocolor/avtPseudocolorPlot.C

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