[visit-developers] The test suite run on surface failed

Allen Sanderson allen at sci.utah.edu
Tue Feb 16 10:31:27 EST 2016


I am not sure what I did to break things.  I removed a couple of skip tests. So unless I pooched something there I am not sure what happened. I will look more when I get into my office.



Allen Sanderson
SCI Institute
University of Utah

On Feb 16, 2016, at 1:10 AM, visit-developers at ornl.gov wrote:

> The test suite run on surface failed.
> The list of users who have modified VisIt since the
> test suite last succesfully PASSED or PASSED w/SKIPS
> is...
> allen at sci.utah.edu
> The test suite results are at http://portal.nersc.gov/project/visit/

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