[visit-developers] Fwd: possible bug in VisIt 2.10

Svetlana G. Shasharina sveta at txcorp.com
Thu Feb 11 12:32:50 EST 2016

Hello Kevin,
Actually I do switch Active sources, otherwise I cannot see the 
variables, which I want to add.

Today I did something different and it was worse that last time (first 
time described below I draw the fist plot before I opened the second file):

Open one file and then the second file.  Add A_magnitude with the active 
source BFieldNyJ_A, switch source to BFieldNyJ_J and try to add 
J_magnitude.  I am getting that J_magnitude is invalid variable.

I did some debugging using older versions of VisIt (2.8.1) and see that 
the second magnitude is checked against the list of expressions, does 
not find the name (sees only names related to the first file) and fails 
to add the plot.


On 2/10/16 2:41 PM, Griffin, Kevin S. wrote:
> Hello Sveta…it looks like your expressions where created when the 
> first file was the active source so it was based on those variables. 
> Once you opened another file it became the active source with 
> different variables so your previous expression isn’t valid with the 
> new file you opened. To test, after you delete the pseudo color plot 
> switch your “Active Source” to the first file and try to Add 
> pseudocolor A__magnitude and draw.
> -Kevin
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> Subject: Re: [visit-developers] Fwd: possible bug in VisIt 2.10
> Attaching the second file for the steps in the rejected email.
> On 2/10/16 1:14 PM, Svetlana G. Shasharina wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I tried earlier with attachments but the email was rejected as the 
>> file size.
>> So rewriting it without particular type of files.  One would need two 
>> files, both containing an expression (for example a vector
>> magnitude).
>> Open one file and draw an expression.
>> Open another file and draw an expression.
>> Delete one plot.
>> Add/draw it again.  Visit will complain that it is an invalid variable.
>> I will send an identical email again with the second file attached 
>> for the steps listed in the rejected email below.
>> Thanks,
>> Sveta
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>> Subject: 	possible bug in VisIt 2.10
>> Date: 	Wed, 10 Feb 2016 12:52:43 -0700
>> From: 	Svetlana G. Shasharina <sveta at txcorp.com>
>> To: 	visit-developers at elist.ornl.gov
>> I tried to do the following (El Capitan):
>> 1.  Open bFieldNyJ_A_0.h5
>> 2.  Add psedocolor A_magnitude and draw.
>> 3.  Open bFieldNyJ_J_0.h5
>> 3.  Add pseudocolor J_magnitude and draw.
>> 4.  Delete psedocolor A_magnitude.
>> 5.  Add psedocolor A_magnitude and draw.
>> VisIt complains that A_magnitude is an invalid variable.  Looks like the
>> expressions get cleared in between steps 4 and 5.
>> I see the same problem in 2.8.1.
>> Thank you,
>> Sveta

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