[visit-developers] Fwd: possible bug in VisIt 2.10

Svetlana G. Shasharina sveta at txcorp.com
Wed Feb 10 15:14:08 EST 2016

I tried earlier with attachments but the email was rejected as the file 

So rewriting it without particular type of files.  One would need two 
files, both containing an expression (for example a vector

Open one file and draw an expression.
Open another file and draw an expression.
Delete one plot.
Add/draw it again.  Visit will complain that it is an invalid variable.

I will send an identical email again with the second file attached for 
the steps listed in the rejected email below.


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Subject: 	possible bug in VisIt 2.10
Date: 	Wed, 10 Feb 2016 12:52:43 -0700
From: 	Svetlana G. Shasharina <sveta at txcorp.com>
To: 	visit-developers at elist.ornl.gov

I tried to do the following (El Capitan):

1.  Open bFieldNyJ_A_0.h5
2.  Add psedocolor A_magnitude and draw.
3.  Open bFieldNyJ_J_0.h5
3.  Add pseudocolor J_magnitude and draw.
4.  Delete psedocolor A_magnitude.
5.  Add psedocolor A_magnitude and draw.

VisIt complains that A_magnitude is an invalid variable.  Looks like the
expressions get cleared in between steps 4 and 5.
I see the same problem in 2.8.1.

Thank you,

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