[visit-developers] Subversion restrictions to be aware of

Meredith, Jeremy S. jsmeredith at ornl.gov
Thu Feb 4 14:37:16 EST 2016

Note: it's probably best to use the "--relocate" option to "svn switch", as it just rewrites the URLs since it's only the location which has changed, not the contents.  At least that option was preferred the last time we did this.

Jeremy Meredith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Subject: [visit-developers] Subversion restrictions to be aware of

Hi All,

As you may be aware already, NERSC's support for subversion has changed significantly and will change even more significantly in the not too distant future.

More on that topic will be forthcomming in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here are two tips.

  1.  If you access the repo via portal-auth.nersc.gov, please do not make any changes to your SSH keys. portal-auth is not integrated with NIM's SSH key database and key updates there require manual intervention by a NERSC admin.
  2.  You may also access the repo via othe NERSC resources such as edison or cori. That is probably prefered because those systems honor whatever SSH keys you add to NIM.
  3.  I believe you can use the 'svn switch' command to update any working copies you have to use a new URL to access the repo if you prefer. I think I've only ever used this command once in ten years so I am no expert ;)

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