[visit-developers] OpenGl driver compatibility?

Harrison, Cyrus D. harrison37 at llnl.gov
Mon Jul 6 12:20:01 EDT 2015

Hi John,

Setting up the OpenGL Context is handled by VTK:




On Jul 2, 2015, at 2:45 PM, JR Cary <cary at txcorp.com<mailto:cary at txcorp.com>> wrote:

Thanks, Eric.

It might be that our problems have to do with
the OpenGL context, i.e., not setting it correctly.

Where is that done in VisIt?


On 7/2/15 12:44 PM, Brugger, Eric wrote:

You need Mesa if you will be rending on a machine without a display. So if your remote server doesn't have any type of display then that may be your problem.


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Hi Eric,

Yes Linux.

Actually, your builds work fine on other machines, but ours do not.  We are not building with Mesa.  So we are trying to figure out why our build of VisIt does not work while yours does.

What are the use cases for having Mesa?  Does one need it for remoting?

Any other ideas on how this incompatibility arises?


On 7/2/2015 10:47 AM, Brugger, Eric wrote:

I am assuming you are having problems with the Linux versions. For maximum compatibility you should use the pre-built versions without Mesa. For 2.9.2, the Ubuntu 11 version comes in 2 versions, with and without Mesa, the Ubuntu 14 version is without Mesa, and the rhel6 version is with Mesa. For future releases I will also generate 2 versions for the thel6 version, one with Mesa, one without.


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We are building and distributing embedded visit, and many times the recipient is unable to run it.  It crashes in the driver.

For the visit executables you distribute, do you build against some driver that guarantees compatibility?


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