[visit-developers] what is 'force parallel merge' for in Save Window Options

Meredith, Jeremy S. jsmeredith at ornl.gov
Wed Jul 1 09:31:21 EDT 2015

In 2007, I added that option -- but not in the way you might expect.  The default WAS to force a parallel merge, and I changed the default to NOT do the merge for formats (like VTK) that support it.  That checkbox is what allowed you to choose the old behavior.  Anyway, that's sort of a side-note.

As for what's going on under the covers, that seems a little surprising.  Since the viewer has access to all the geometry, I'd expect it to merge everything, not to group by processor number.  In fact, seems like we'd have to go out of our way to merge only some domains.  Maybe that's just a bug?

Jeremy Meredith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Subject: [visit-developers] what is 'force parallel merge' for in Save Window Options

Hi All,

Anyone know what the 'force parallel merge' check box does in Save Window Options?

I thought it might result in merging geometry originating from different processors arriving at viewer.

But, that isn't what I am seeing. For 3D Save Windows, it appears to maybe merge all domains on a processor but it won't merge across processors.


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