[visit-developers] VisIt compositing problem on Franklin

Gunther Weber ghweber at lbl.gov
Fri May 29 19:52:57 EDT 2009

Hi Tom,

I tried with a subversion trunk as of this morning and the problem 
persists. I can render everything in opaque just fine. However as soon 
as I render something with transparency VisIt crashed. I am attaching 
the log files for the first two out of 128 nodes on Franklin. It seems 
node 0 crashes and pulls everyone with it. However, I couldn't really 
tell from the log what is going on.


tom fogal wrote:
> "Gunther H. Weber" <ghweber at lbl.gov> writes:
>> someone here at LBNL has found an instance where VisIt crashes on
>> Franklin when at least one of the plots has transparent geometry. It
>> seems that the crash occurs during the compositing stage, even though
>> I am not 100% sure of that. The job status file generated after the
>> engine is terminated indicates that the problem may be due to an "out
>> of memory" condition, even though I am even less sure that this is
>> true. Is there any chance that using Ice-T instead of VisIt's regular
>> compositor may solve the problem? (Tom?)
> Unfortunately, no -- IceT has trouble with transparent geometry at the
> moment.  I'm working on it...
>> Does anyone have an idea how to go about identifying the exact
>> problem.
> Can you run a recent trunk?  I've recently fixed some memory issues
> that come up during compositing (`recently' == very recently, as in the
> last 24 hours).
>> I guess the next step is to run VisIt with debug logs, but in the
>> past I had problems doing so on Franklin since not all directories
>> are visible from the compute nodes.  Is there a way to tell VisIt
>> to generate the debug logs in a specific directory instead of the
>> current directory?
> A quick/incomplete grep makes me think `no'... you could probably get
> it going quickly by hacking common/misc/DebugStreamFull::Initialize,
> though.  It might be nice to add a new command line option / env
> variable for this.
> -tom

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