[visit-developers] VisIt compositing problem on Franklin

Gunther H. Weber ghweber at lbl.gov
Wed May 27 20:26:38 EDT 2009


someone here at LBNL has found an instance where VisIt crashes on  
Franklin when at least one of the plots has transparent geometry. It  
seems that the crash occurs during the compositing stage, even though  
I am not 100% sure of that. The job status file generated after the  
engine is terminated indicates that the problem may be due to an "out  
of memory" condition, even though I am even less sure that this is  
true. Is there any chance that using Ice-T instead of VisIt's regular  
compositor may solve the problem? (Tom?) Does anyone have an idea how  
to go about identifying the exact problem. I guess the next step is to  
run VisIt with debug logs, but in the past I had problems doing so on  
Franklin since not all directories are visible from the compute nodes.  
Is there a way to tell VisIt to generate the debug logs in a specific  
directory instead of the current directory?


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