[visit-developers] [visit-commits] Update to SVN (RC: 7390, trunk: 7392)

Mark Miller miller86 at llnl.gov
Tue May 26 14:02:05 EDT 2009

Hi Hank,

This must have been an oversight on my part as I do value maintaining
compatibility of Silo reader/writer with all previous versions of Silo
library. Thanks for fixing this.


On Mon, 2009-05-25 at 11:30 -0700, Hank Childs wrote:
> Hello VisIt,
> (1) I still use Silo 4.5.1 on my home machine and I found that the
> latest Silo reader doesn't compile against it, due to assumptions
> about nmats (and other fields) being available in a DBMultiMat.  I
> added some ifdef's to the 1.12RC to make old Silo versions still be
> compatible.
> (2) I also fixed a change in arguments to DBPutDefvars for old
> versions of Silo
> (3) Finally, when I merged to the trunk, I fixed some similar
> SILO_VERSION issues that occurred on the trunk only.
> M avtSiloFileFormat.C
> M avtSiloWriter.C
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