[visit-developers] host profiles and environment

Eric Brugger brugger1 at llnl.gov
Wed May 20 11:31:58 EDT 2009


If you modify the host profile on your local machine for the remote 
machine to add "-dir path_to_visit_dir"
then it should be able to find visit on the remote machine without 
VisIt being in your path. Note that the path
you specify is the path of the directory where you installed visit, 
so for machines at llnl, we use
"-dir /usr/gapps/visit", which will cause it to execute 


At 08:20 AM 5/20/2009, Dave Semeraro wrote:
>Hello visit developers.
>I have installed visit on an IBM cluster that is running AIX 6.1. 
>For some reason I cant get the shell to execute my .bashrc when I 
>run a command remotely via ssh. In particular doing "ssh remotehost 
>visit" gets me a "command not found" because my PATH environment 
>never gets reset by .bashrc to include the location of visit. I am 
>sure my default shell is bash so that is not the problem. This 
>behavior is foreign to anything I have ever encountered in the linux 
>world. The problem must be in the setup of sshd or bash on the 
>remote machine. I have run out of patience trying to find out why 
>this is behaving differently than I expect so I am turning to you 
>all to throw me a bone.
>My question is, basically, how do I get around this? I see there are 
>configuration files in src/config-site that appear to contain all 
>the good environment stuff I need. How do I set one of those up for 
>my target host and how do I get my local version of visit to use it?
>Dave (getting to loath AIX already) Semeraro

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