[visit-developers] modify the Box operator attributes in the avtBoxFilter

Sean Ahern ahern at ornl.gov
Tue May 19 10:04:51 EDT 2009

> My case is that: i have already plot something which is a large scale 
> plot. The next thing is to apply the box filter on the plot. But the 
> default Max x, y, z value is too small. I have already got the bounding 
> values but do not know how to pass them to the attributes because the 
> subsequent vtk filters only makes use of the values from there. The 
> question is: i do not know how to pass those value to the attributes.(No 
> matter you use percentages or absolute values you have to pass the 
> values to the attributes first which is exactly my question)

The problem is that you won't always have done the pipeline execution so 
as to know the bounding values.  You have to assume the worst case, that 
you do NOT know them, and thus don't have any to pass.

The reason why you have the user specify percentages is that you don't 
have to have the attributes know the bounding values.  You can say "10%" 
without knowing what it's 10% of.

Maybe I'm missing something here.  It's hard to pass the bounding values 
into the Box operator attributes.  It's not a use case that VisIt was 
really designed to do.  Maybe we could find a way to do it, but I think 
NOT doing it, and instead specifying ranges as percentages is a good 80% 


Sean Ahern
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
AIM: ornlsean

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