[visit-developers] modify the Box operator attributes in the avtBoxFilter

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Mon May 18 07:17:54 EDT 2009

Hi Zhigao,

Looks like you have done some digging in the code!

Part of the problem is that VisIt's GUI won't consistently have the information of what the spatial extents are before it starts doing "real work".  That is, for some file formats, we won't know the spatial extents until all of the data has been read by the parallel server. 

I think CopyAttributes and CreateCompatible won't help this issue.

I think the best solution is the following:
You extend the Box operator to use "percentages", i.e. the Box goes between 10% and 30% in X, etc.  That way the actual extents don't need to be known in the user interface.  If you want to go down this path, feel free to send me some emails.

(Also, just to make sure: this issue can be frustrating because if you apply the box operator to an existing plot, then VisIt will reexecute that plot.  Did you know that you could bring up the attributes window and modify them to have the box you want and then the first execution will use your attributes?)


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   The Box operator default value is not very optimistic under large scale cases. I would like to change those default values before they are applied in the avtBoxFilter. But the SetAtts(const) passes the attribute object as a constant object which means i can not modify the value directly.

   I noticed that there is some description about modifying the attributes in the <Tools> wikipage under subtitle <What happens when you modify a tool>. But it is not very detailed.

    My question is: Is there any other way to allow me to change those attribute values in the avtBoxFilter Or somebody can tell me some more details about the process how the values are updated when you modify a tool? What are the functions are called to reach the CopyAttributes or CreateCompatible?

    Thanks in advance.



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