[visit-developers] Development Process Working Group?

tom fogal tfogal at alumni.unh.edu
Fri May 15 12:54:36 EDT 2009

"Cyrus D. Harrison" <cyrush at llnl.gov> writes:
> This is tangential to 2.0 planning, but I would like to solicit
> interest for a working group to address ongoing development process
> issues.
> I think the obvious first dragon that we will need to slay is open
> bug tracking.

Yes; I had planned on sending an email about this today, but since it's
now on topic I think I'll embed something here:

After the discussion last week or so, I think it was implied that I
would spearhead, or at the very least put forth some effort, towards
setting up, testing, and evaluating some possible solutions.  I don't
mind, but I can't find time for it in the near future.  So I wanted to
invite others to jump in and beat me to it.

(More on topic -- therefore, a working group that would make sure
things move weekly would be a *great* idea, IMHO.)

> We have had some solid sustained effort by a few people, but it
> appears to be an ongoing uphill battle.
> I think it will be helpful to have a small group that focuses on:
>        Discussing issues & evaluating possible solutions in detail.
>        Providing recommendations to the entire team.
>        Coordinating implementation efforts.

Yeah; just having a group that constantly reminds one another that
various infrastructure issues need to get done would be useful...

> I think this will help keep everyone informed and actually put us on a 
> good footing to address these issues quickly.
> So what do you think?

+1  ... actually +2 <g>


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