[visit-developers] VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS

Cyrus D. Harrison cyrush at llnl.gov
Wed May 13 14:58:56 EDT 2009

I just wanted to make a general suggestion:
When we move forward with updating the VTK version VisIt uses - we 
should definitely try check for leaks and resolve them as part of the 
I am sure we are responsible for a lot of them - but we are using an 
older version of VTK & I wouldn't be surprised if some of them exist in 
the library.
After we upgrade the version of vtk we use should have a clean bill of 
health, and we can hunt those down.
Also it would be useful for us to adopt this type of checking across our 
nightly test suite.

tom fogal wrote:
> Hi Burlen!
> burlen <burlen.loring at gmail.com> writes:
>> I just completed an install of VisIt 11.1.2. I built VTK 5.0.c with the 
>> VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS cmake variable set to ON.
> [snip]
>> Is this on your radar? Do you have a strategy for addressing this issue?
> Nobody has mentioned to me personally that they're working on memory
> leaks.  I'd say that historically, searching for + fixing them gets on
> the bottom of people's lists until they're shown to have a significant
> impact.
> That doesn't mean that each and every one shouldn't be fixed, just that
> there are all too frequently other, more pressing deadlines.  Patches
> are more than welcome.  If you're not / don't want to become familiar
> with VisIt's development process, you can send them to me and I'll make
> sure they get applied appropriately upstream.
> Best,
> -tom

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