[visit-developers] help with interface to test results

Cyrus D. Harrison cyrush at llnl.gov
Thu May 7 15:33:49 EDT 2009

On possible clarification:
"we could use html forms to connect to a (sql) database and generate 
dynamic content easily"
This may be a better explanation of how things work:
We can use the *input* from html forms via the language (PHP for 
example) and the language's database api to connect to a database and 
generate dynamic webpages.


Cyrus D. Harrison wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Ideally - we would have access to a webserver that provides a language 
> (PHP for example) for generating the html on the fly.
> With this type of setup we could use html forms to connect to a (sql) 
> database and generate dynamic content easily.
> While none of this is hard, it certainly can be time consuming & we 
> currently do not have access a suitable server (unless perhaps nersc 
> provides php/database support?)
> Another possible option is using xml & xslt - I use this (only for 
> formating) for the build_visit testing, this is actually a client side 
> deal.
> I think freeing this info from just statically generated html pages 
> would be very helpful, and it is something we should chat about more,
> -Cyrus
> PS: (visittesting.org + visittracker.org)
> Mark Miller wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Ok, I am really lacking in my knowledge of how web apps work. I
>> understand browsing something like
>> "file://  /alderaan.llnl.gov/visit/index.html" where a bunch of 
>> statically
>> created and linked HTML files are visible. Thats basically what we
>> currently do.
>> I'd like to have a place anyone can go to look at test suite results
>> from previous night, week, month, etc. I like people's suggestion of
>> making a 'database' of test results and I think I can figure out how to
>> do that. But, the part I don't understand is how I make a web interface
>> to this 'stuff'. I assume I'll be spending the bulk of coding on a
>> 'server' that will stand between developers and the test results
>> database serving up stuff to you as you 'browse' it. I assume I cannot
>> do this reasonably without coding a 'server'. Is that correct? I mean I
>> can't or shouldn't do this as an 'applet' (I don't really know that that
>> is) that runs in the client browser. I am thinking of using web.py to
>> build the server.
>> Am I at least on the right track here?
>> Mark

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