[visit-developers] [visit-commits] Update to SVN (7217)

Brad Whitlock whitlock2 at llnl.gov
Wed May 6 17:53:53 EDT 2009

We can probably keep the current compositor on Windows since it would 
only be used for SR from multiple engines since there's no parallel 
engine on Windows yet.


>Is Ice-T applicable on windows platform?  (pardon my ignorance)
>Are you thinking for 1.12 or 2.0?
>On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 14:20 -0700, Hank Childs wrote:
>>  VisIt-dev List,
>>  I think we need to raise the topic of making Ice-T be our default 
>>  compositor.  I can envision that we use Ice-T whenever possible and 
>>  fall back to the old compositor with transparent geometry.  (Tom 
>>  needs to tell us if this is possible.)  I could also envision that 
>>  someone clever could make Ice-T work with transparent geometry, since 
>>  we are basically doing our own "tiling" at that point, and it might 
>>  just be a matter of communicating our tiling to Ice-T.  (I'm sure I'm 
>>  dramatically oversimplifying.)
>>  I saw a factor of 8.5X performance difference.
>>  -Hank
>>  On May 6, 2009, at 2:15 PM, Hank Childs wrote:
>>  >
>>  > Hello VisIt,
>>  >
>>  > I fixed a couple of problems with getting Ice-T to work on TACC's 
>>  > ranger machine.  (Both my mistakes, not build_visit's or Ice-T's)
>>  >
>>  > M  config-site/spur.tacc.utexas.edu.conf

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