[visit-developers] Anonymous SVN?

tom fogal tfogal at alumni.unh.edu
Mon May 4 15:55:57 EDT 2009

Mark Miller <miller86 at llnl.gov> writes:
> in my experience, the people there [at NERSC] are busy enough that
> I feel I've had to pester to make whatever progress we've actually
> made. I was actually concerned I was maybe 'getting on their bad
> side' and so backed way off waiting for a response.

Pestering them today got a response.

They're having issues with the setup they wanted to give us.  I
was asked if our existing setup, plus a repository which would be
anonymously accessible (RO), would be acceptable for us.

I replied with a `maybe' and asked these questions:

  * RO-webdav wouldn't require authentication, right?  The big thing is
    not having to send an email / fax something in to NERSC just to get
    our source.  That is, 0 actual humans involved for this case.

  * Does webdav allow web access, such that I could point to a URL in
    an email and say, `look at line 1282'?

  * How often can they by synched (a few times a day or more?)

  * This would be a hot copy, right -- no shutting down our main repo?

  * What does the process look like for someone `upgrading' from
    anonymous to full-fledged user?  Is an svn switch going to work?

If you've got other concerns, please speak up.


> On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 12:57 -0400, Sean Ahern wrote:
> > tom fogal wrote:
> > > I pinged the nersc guys on April 10th, and suggested I just make
> > > a mirror on a machine here at SCI until they workout their hooks
> > > situation.  I was dissuaded from doing this.
> > > 
> > > I sent another ping asking about the status on April 28th, but have not
> > > received a response.  I'll send another ping right now.
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > > If it's really hitting people, it takes 30 minutes or so to backup the
> > > repo (IIRC), and maybe a couple hours to transfer that repo here.
> > 
> > It's hitting the Utah VisTrails folks.  They're doing mods to VisIt to 
> > keep VisTrails happy, but they're experiencing grief at their inability 
> > to keep in sync with the repo.
> > 
> > -Sean
> > 
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