[visit-developers] [visit-users] reflect with streamlines.

Dave Pugmire pugmire at ornl.gov
Fri Oct 31 15:25:21 EDT 2008

Thanks. That clarified some things for me.  The thing that threw me was 
that the old streamline filter was executing twice, once per dataset....
So, I wont worry about that inconsistency for now.

I now see the problem with the current SL filter...


Brad Whitlock wrote:
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding how Reflect really works. It seems to me 
> that a Reflect operation should take the input dataset and produce 
> another single dataset that contains both the original data and the 
> reflected data, subject to the operator options. Now, I don't know 
> what that's producing -- probably an unstructured mesh if I had to 
> guess. In that case, I'd wonder about the connectivity between the 2 
> halves. I imagine if the connectivity was not good at the reflection 
> boundary then Streamlines would probably terminate there. Since a 
> single dataset should be produced, doesn't that explain why Streamline 
> only executes once?  I don't know why you're talking about having to 
> translate seed points...
> Brad
>> I'm looking at this bug w/ Streamlines and the reflect operator. I 
>> verified that the old streamline plot produces some output (it's 
>> wrong, only creates streamlines on original data, not the reflected 
>> data. But that's a start).
>> Here is what I'm seeing: I have a simple reflect about X.
>> Old streamline plot:
>> Streamline generation called twice. One call generates streamline, 
>> second does not. The reason is that the seed point is not transformed.
>> New streamline plot:
>> Streamline generation only called once. Called on the geometry 
>> reflected about X, not the original.
>> So, two issues:
>> 1- I need to transform the seed points. How do I determine the matrix 
>> in the pipeline?
>> 2- Any idea why the plot is only  executed once?  Not sure where to 
>> begin looking on this one....
>> Thanks,
>> -dave
>> Brock Palen wrote:
>>> I have been messing with the example cgns file, where only half the 
>>> geometry is in the file.  So I use the reflect operator to complete 
>>> the whole model.
>>> When I add a streamline visit always says 'plot velocity resulted in 
>>> no data'  when I have reflect on that plot also.  If I don't have 
>>> reflect on I don't get any streamlines on the reflected side of the 
>>> geometry.
>>> How do i get streamlines on the real and reflected side of the 
>>> geometry?
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