[visit-developers] Assume Format

Cyrus D. Harrison cyrush at llnl.gov
Mon Oct 27 14:19:21 EDT 2008

This question is for a user who has data that is domain decomposed w/ 
file name suffixes set to domain #.
I am not sure if another reader is causing the conflict or if it is just 
basically defaulting. If it is the first case maybe
we can disable a few plugins he doesn't care about, but in the second 
case wouldn't this require the user to disable
all plugins except the exact one he needs?

Sean Ahern wrote:
> Cyrus D. Harrison wrote:
>> Hi Everyone - Quick (possibly stupid) question:
>> Is there a way to save the value passed to assume_format as a 
>> default?  - Will save settings do it?
> Can you turn off or remove the database plugins that you don't care 
> about?
> -Sean
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> Sean Ahern
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
> AIM: ornlsean
> 865-241-3748

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